About Artie

My name is Artie Walker and I am a husband, father, friend and a freelance photographer.  Growing up, my mother would document every school, family, or sporting event my sister and I took part in through pictures.  She basically stored our childhood in photo albums.  I never really liked being in those pictures. As I got older I was able to appreciate them.  I still look at them and reminisce about what took place in those pictures.  As the technology improved, so did the quality of pictures and so did my willingness to be in those pictures.  In high school, I took my first photography class and I loved it.  In that class I journeyed through the whole process of photography, from taking the picture, to processing the film and then developing the photograph.  My interest continued to grow as my mother took more and more pictures.  When I would visit my buddy, Jabari’s home, I marveled at the photos around his house.  His father took pictures of the various places he’d been, famous sporting events, landmarks, celebrities and of course, family activities. Just like my mom and Jabari’s dad, I knew that one day I would also want to keep a historical record of my family’s experiences.  Over time I’ve developed a skill set that I want to share with others to help them preserve precious moments in their life story too.  My wife, Oletha, has not only been extremely supportive of this hobby turned profession of mine, she has also blessed me with four beautiful children and a lifetime of unforgettable memories! I look forward to working with you soon. Thanks!! -Artie